NCB Photographic are ready to handle all of your event photography needs, taking high quality pictures, which focus on three things.
The Energy at the event – the smiles, actions, re-actions.
The Characters, that pop out and make up the day, and finally;
The Atmosphere of every moment of the day or night.

We at NCB will capture it all, to create an authentic set of pictures that prolong the mood of the event for years to come.

The photographs themselves are taken by the talented Nicholas, who brings a personal touch to everything he captures. Making sure that he’s not stepping on anyone’s toes, whilst taking natural pictures that match the atmosphere of the room. You can rest assured knowing you’re getting incredible quality thanks to the work Nicholas is doing.

Corporate Event Photography

NCB Photographic is capable of handling your corporate event, whether it’s an all day conference or intimate seminar, Nicholas will deliver the perfect snapshot of your event in an authentic and natural way, which matches the philosophy of your business in the process.

We take into account everything, from shot composition, to lighting and angles. You’ll end up with a variety of photographs, each of which tell an individual story, promoting your event and putting a smile on your employees faces.

To get started with NCB Photographic, simply give Nicholas and the team a call on the number: +44 7703 774 525

Or alternatively, if you have any specific requests or questions you’d like answered, fill out the provided contact form we have available on our website.