Do’s and Don’ts From a Beautiful Wedding in Uxbridge

Some Do’s and Don’ts From a Beautiful Wedding in Uxbridge From the Perspective of a Candid Wedding Photographer

As a candid wedding photographer for over 7 yeas, I’ve seen my fair share of do’s and don’ts at weddings. I recently shot a stunning wedding in Uxbridge, London and thought I would use some shots to highlight some do’s and don’ts!

DO get your mum to sort out your flowers moments before the ceremony begins!

mother of the groom puts her sons flowers on before the ceremony

DO pick a fantastic best man to keep you calm whilst waiting for your bride!

It’s absolutely crucial that you pick your top groomsman wisely as he’ll need to have your back during the entire wedding process. And the most vital moment of all is the tense wait for your partner to arrive at the ceremony! 

groom and his best man smile together before the ceremony

the bride's first look at her husband to me as she walks down the aisle

groom smiles at his bride during the ceremony

bride smiles at her husband to be during the ceremony

DO stop halfway down the confetti line for a kiss so the photographer can capture this special shot!

wedding couple kiss in the middle of the confetti line

groom kisses his wife on the cheek with the confetti line behind them

DO find a perfect space to chuck your bouquet at your single female friends! 

Not only does it make for a great picture but it also gets your friends incredibly excited for their upcoming wedding!

bride throws her bouquet behind her to her friends to catch

DON’T let your dad photobomb your photo with your wife!

He can try his best but if you remain vigilant you can squash his attempts!

bride smiles at her husband in the sun

father of the groom photobombs picture of bride and groom

DON’T forget to have a quick swing!

It’s important to enjoy your day and unwind by having some a quick break for some childhood fun.

bride caresses her husband's cheek

bride and groom swing together

DO find a beautiful archway to take some relaxed couples portraits under!

bride and groom rest foreheads together under an archway

bride and groom share a candid moment under archway

bride and groom share a candid moment under archway

bride and groom share a candid moment under veil

DON’T forget to hold your wife’s dress up to avoid it getting dirty! 

Earn some extra groom points by holding your partner’s wedding dress as she walks!
groom holds his bride's dress up as they walk together


I am Candid wedding photographer who has shot in Uxbridge multiple times.

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