Fun Family Portrait Session in London!

Fun Family Portrait Session in London!

Candid family photoshoots are one of my favourite things to capture and this time was no different! 

Fly on the Wall to Capture the Candid Family Moments

I recently had the opportunity to capture a first birthday celebration here in London at a client’s home. Their daughter was extremely nervous of a stranger at first, so I stayed in the hall and shot from a distance so she wouldn’t notice me. This also gave me a chance to get some completely unposed shots of the family just hanging out. 


The Importance of Baby Shark

After 30 minutes, the birthday girl still hadn’t got used to a stranger in her home pointing a camera at her, so we had to improvise. Dad went to grab her favourite toys to calm her, but nothing would stop her tears. Desperate times called for ‘The Gummy Bear Song’ and the ‘Baby Shark Song’ on repeat!

Big Smiles!

Her favourite songs helped to distract her and we were able to capture some beautiful candid family moments.  I will certainly be using the Baby Shark song at future family portrait sessions!

Birthday Decorations 

The parents had decorated their daughter’s room with some pink, white and orange coloured 1st Birthday Decorations which made for a fantastic backdrop! To my left behind me, was the iPad with her favourite songs playing to make her laugh! 

Family Portraits

Once the birthday girl had warmed to me, we managed to pose some family portraits. I also prompted them to just play together as they normally would which lead to some really nice natural shots that I have included below.

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Please check out the rest of highlights from this magical family photography session below:


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