Natural Wedding Photography

Natural Wedding Photography

I love Natural Photography 

Through natural wedding photography  you can freeze the tiny nuances of human emotion in a photograph forever. This is what really excites me about my profession and weddings are just overflowing with emotion! I’ve become an expert at knowing when to expect the special moments and where to aim my camera!

bride and groom hold hands during the ceremony

wedding guests hold the hand of baby

Not Forgetting Couple’s Posed Shots 

Although my clients expect a focus on candid photography, it’s also important to arrange time for some posed couple’s captures. However I still like to give my couples space to be themselves and not constrict them with awkward out dated photography prompts! 

During this beautiful wedding, I only needed to follow these two around the stunning church garden to get the shots we all wanted! 

wedding couple walk hand in hand  up to the church

wedding couple walk holding hands away from the church

Blending in With Your Guests

By seamlessly mixing with your friends & family I am able to capture natural smiles and special moments with ease. A rare grin from a grumpy family member or a laugh from a jolly baby, can be captured to film and relived forever!

smiling wedding guest

smiling wedding guest holding a laughing baby

smiling wedding guest

Not Bothering Your Guests Only Asking for Posed Shots

Your guests want to be free to enjoy themselves without being harassed with a camera in their face. I like to stand back and let the celebration unfold before me, zooming in from a distance on friends & family having fun.


Check out the full selection of highlights from this gorgeous wedding below.


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If my style of relaxed, natural wedding photography suits your needs please do not hesitate to reach out to me for a quote for your wedding.

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