Candid Wedding Photography

Candid Wedding Photography

Candid Photography is my Passion

Most of clients pick me to be their wedding photographer as they have a preference for the relaxed documentary style photography which I specialise in. It has always been my favourite type of picture to take. It captures the raw human emotion and results in an honest depiction of the event. Please check out the images attached to this post to see examples of my candid wedding photography. 

candid shot of wedding guests enjoying themselves

candid shot of wedding guests smiling to his partner

candid shot of wedding guest smiling

natural shot of wedding guest smiling

Fly on the Wall Approach

I like to document the day as it unfolds in a totally unobtrusive way. By blending into the background, your guests are free to be themselves without the awkwardness and pressure of having a camera in your face. This way we get a true representation of the day, filled with natural smiles!

documentary style shot of wedding guest smiling

candid picture of wedding guest smiling

candid picture of wedding guests enjoying themselves

Capturing those Tiny but Special Moments

The wedding day is packed full of emotion whether thats the warm embrace shared between friends & family who haven’t seen each other in a while, a teary eyed father as he witnesses his daughter walking down the isle or an audience erupting with laughter during the best man’s speech. Combining my inconspicuous shooting style, long telephoto lens and years of experience, I always capture those “blink and you’ll miss it” flashes of emotion.

candid shot of bride smiling as she has her hair done

groom delivering his speech whilst his bride looks up at him smiling

bride's friends teasing the groom

Blending in Seamlessly with the Festivities 

To capture the true mood of the day, I need to be shooting from right within the action, which sometimes means getting absolutely covered in confetti and skilfully dodging drunk dancers limbs on the dance floor! 

confetti throw as newly married couple leave the ceremony

dancing guests enjoying themselves on the dance floor

bride and groom linking arms on the dance floor

The Important Posed Shots

Although totally unposed and candid photography is my primary focus, we can’t miss the all important posed group and couple shots that our older relatives will want to hang proudly in their homes!

wedding guests pick up the groom for a posed picture

wedding group shot outside in the sun

couple get a picture with the sign of their wedding venue

Please check out the gallery posted below. If you like my candid wedding photography style, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me to discuss your special day!

+44770 377 4525

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