Reasons to Have a COVID Micro Wedding

Making the Best of a Difficult Situation

The troublesome state of the world right now doesn’t mean your dream wedding has to be put on ice! I have shot a bunch of COVID Micro Weddings over the past months, all of which have been absolutely brimming with joy and positivity despite our current predicament! I’ve compiled a few positive examples of this intimate type of wedding. 

couples photoshoot after getting married at their covid micro wedding

couples photoshoot after getting married at their covid micro wedding

couples photoshoot after getting married at their covid micro wedding

A Beautiful Pause from the Current Isolation

Your micro wedding can be wonderful and much needed hiatus from the isolated and gloomy world we currently found ourselves within. A COVID micro wedding can be an opportunity to spend a few socially distanced and safe hours with friends & family who you may not have seen in months!

groom, best man and mother enjoying themselves at covid micro wedding

mother of the groom and granddaugter enjoying themselves at covid micro wedding

children enjoying themselves at covid micro wedding

Lower Cost Due to Fewer Guests and Time Required!

One silver lining that can be found from the micro wedding is the reduced financial burden. This intimate wedding I shot a few weeks back actually held a cute reception in the garden of the registry office! Plastic flutes and champagne was passed around amongst the group of 12 and toasts were celebrated. 

wedding couple opening champagne during reception of their covid micro wedding

groom pouring champagne during reception of his covid micro wedding

bride pouring champagne during reception of her covid micro wedding

Double the Celebration 

At all of the Micro Weddings I have shot in recent months, the couple have spoke of a huge celebration planned for when the threat of COVID has dissipated. Many couples just want to tie the knot now to be officially married then enjoy a reception later down the line. Doing it this way makes for two momentous days shared with close ones! (Also double the chance to wear your stunning dress!) beautiful bride walking down the stairs in wedding dress at her covid micro wedding

intimate group photo at covid micro wedding

Capturing a Moment in History

I’m sure we are all hoping these crazy Coronavirus times will be vanquished to the history books shortly. Hopefully in just a few years we can look at photos taken during COVID and notice the strange surrealness of the masks, anti-bac and social distancing. 

family taking a selfie wearing masks at covid micro wedding

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If you are interested in booking my candid photography services for you COVID Micro Wedding or normal wedding for later in the year please get in touch with me via my email or number. I’m based in London but more than happy to travel!



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