How to Pull of a Beautiful Wedding at Renaissance Hotel from the Perspective of a Candid Wedding Photographer

A Year of Great Weddings as a Candid Wedding Photographer

As a wedding photographer, 2019 took me to a plethora of picturesque areas in the South of England, from the Cotswolds rich with it’s gorgeous farm land,  to the cobbled beauty of Cambridge. But despite this great selection, my favourite wedding venue from my busy year would have to be The Renaissance Hotel in St. Pancras. 

Happy couple gay holding hands outside the Renaissance Hotel, London St Pancras. candid wedding photographer

Wedding at St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel

This venue is part of the Marriott which will already give an indicator to its decadent flavour. Originally opened in 1873, this iconic landmark combines grand Victorian decor with modern lavish comfort. The soaring ceilings, huge double width staircases and lavish interiors provide the perfect backdrop to your majestic wedding day. The Telegraph described it as “deliciously over-elaborate” and I couldn’t put it better myself. 

St Pancras Renaissance Hotel London. candid wedding photographer

St Pancras Renaissance Hotel London. candid wedding photographer

St Pancras Renaissance Hotel London

St Pancras Renaissance Hotel London


For more information on the Renaissance Hotel here.

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Beautiful Couple to Match the Beautiful Venue

The perfect compliment to their elegant wedding venue choice was the couple themselves. Utterly in love and immensely welcoming, my grooms were a treat to work with and together we were able to tell a wonderful love story through pictures. 

Wedding couple smiling at each other as they walk down corridor of  renaissance hotel

Wedding couple smiling at each other on grand staircase of renaissance hotel

Candid Wedding  Prep Shots

With the grand windows bathing the hotel room with copious amounts of natural night, I was able to capture some beautiful candid shots of our groom getting ready with the assistance of his Best Men. 

final touches: groom ties up his black wedding shoe laces.

best man helps groom secure his cufflinks

Close up of blue cufflinks on grooms sleeve. candid photographer

Picture of best man helps groom put on his bow tie captured candidly by wedding photographer

The Highlight as a Wedding Photographer is Always the Dancing!

With a talented jazz band providing live renditions of popular music, a room full of merry guests and high ceiled lavish backdrop my job as documentary photographer was a breeze. I managed to dip around the dance floor capturing candid moments whilst the dancers felt completely at ease. 

grooms holding each other close for the first dance. documentary wedding photography

guests dancing together with the live band in the background. honest wedding photography

groom displaying a beaming smile. candid wedding photography

guests capturing candidly enjoying a dance. authentic wedding photographer

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If you are looking for a candid wedding photographer, please do not hesitate to get in touch so we can discuss a photography package that works for you! 

I am more than happy to travel across the UK to capture your special day in a fun and honest manner!



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