Communion in Harrow


A few weeks back I had the privilege to capture a First Holy Communion at ‘Our Lady & St Thomas of Canterbury Church’ in Harrow.

The family were brimming with pride & excitement which made the session really fun!

I found a beautiful garden next to the church and gave the children amusing prompts to keep them smiling. After some time, the son became distracted by the flowers and insects in the garden so the Dad had to bribe him with the promise of buying him toy cars to keep him focussed. (I need to remember this one!)

We only had less than an hour before the Communion started so we had to work fast! As you can see from the pictures I have inserted at the bottom, despite the restricted time we still managed to get lots of really beautiful memories captured to film. Some young children can find it hard to stay entertained for long periods of time, so if you are worried about family photo sessions taking too long, I can deliver a fantastic album in under 60 minutes!

I’ve attached a small selection of highlights from this fun family photoshoot (100 pics in total). Feel free to check them out and if you like this style please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your family photography session!



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